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Azucar agranel y en saco

Azucar agranel y en saco

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Azucar agranel y en saco

Description of Activities

The high level of automation at its port and intermediate terminals (transshipment) is essential for the company to offer online cargo tracking services, including the innovative Internet unloading scheduling system. Through these systems, it is possible to follow the cargo from the production unit to the ship, accurately providing the cargo's location and travel time. In addition, Logística's terminals at the Port of Santos are equipped with an access control and monitoring system that complies with the ISPS Code security standards.

The services provided by Rumo Logística geared towards sugar and agricultural commodities logistics are:
Multimodal transport, including transshipment of products through intermediate warehouses with road-railway reception;
Storage of bulk and/or sacked agricultural products at the Port of Santos;
Loading and unloading of agricultural products.

These services are supported by strong processes and infrastructure, which include:
Management software that monitors operations, providing online management information that benefits and speeds up our and our clients' decision-making processes;
A tracking system available from the moment the cargo leaves the production unit until it is loaded on the ship, including monitoring of the Port of Santos' line-up;
A cargo reception and storage system with identification;
Cargo monitoring within the terminal, including physical and chemical analysis (humidity, ashes, color and polarization) of bulk products, automated vehicle weighing, visual inspection of sacks and separation of cargo with product identity preservation from reception to loading.

We also offer consulting services and logistical planning, teaming our experience with specialized services and logistical plans that are efficient and suitable for our clients.

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Azucar agranel y en saco
Azucar agranel y en saco
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