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Biorend is a natural organic, biodegradable, non-toxic and non-polluting product, the active ingredient of which is a natural polymer derived from the Chitin, called Chitosan, that we produce in our Industrial Plant located in Tierra del Fuego, Chile's XII Region.

In its manufacture, we use the Chitin, which we extract from the King Crab and Snow Crab shells, which are captured in the waters of the Straight of Magellan, Chile's XII Region.

The Characteristics of this Chitin is unique in the World in terms of its water purity and physico-chemical properties (molecular weight, degree of deacetilation, etc.) to increase the root mass of plants and protection against the attack of pathogens.

BIOREND works through the activation of plant defense mechanisms through the utilization of this Systemic acquired resistance (SAR) molecule formulation.

Biorend is a product that is being used Worlwide, in sustainable production and integrated into the environment, being identified as a Phytosanitary Product of
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